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I am a new empty nester, and I love to make cards and ATCs. I am always looking for ways to use the product I have, to learn new techniques and ways to do things, and most of all, to have fun with the creating of my art.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Blog Look

Well, something went haywire, and I lost my flower background.. so I have been playing around this morning on my blog.  I am quite liking what I have on there for now.... and I am one of those people who HATE to change their colour schemes and images on the blog.  It annoys me, and the fact that my HTML got corrupted didn't help my mood much.. oh well, c'est la vie.

I went to the local stamping group yesterday and made 22 cards... all Christmas cards.. they were designs I had in my head for last years Christmas cards, but I never got them done, so I did them now while they were still fresh in my head.  Some are going to be for my challenge in February :)   Now I get to stamp at a friend's house on Friday, and it's Birthday card time.  I have several birthday cards to make, including a couple of masculine ones.  Should be a fun time.

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