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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tracy's Christmas Card Challenge

Well, I told Tracy that I'd be happy to take over the Christmas Card Challenge for the rest of the year, so she has a break.  Being that I am new to blogging, I have no clue as to how to have you link you your  blog to me.. so, I thought of a workaround.. if you email me HERE, I can then edit my blog and add your link to this posting. Oh, and one more thing.  I'm sorry to admit that I don't have the funds or the ability to do prize draws every three months.  You are welcome to do a 3-D project each month, and I will be glad to have a link on my blog here, but I can't do any prizes.  If someone is willing to do it, please email me.

As for this month's challenge, it's POINSETTIA(S).  You need to make poinsettia (s) the main focus of your 5 cards this month.  I bought a a retired set of SU stamps last year that had poinsettias on it, and have yet to use, so this is my excuse for breaking them out. :)

If you aren't a blogger, and want to email me a photo ( please keep it under 1MB please) contact me HERE, and I'll add your photos to the blog as well.

June 17th: two things.. one, I got my cards done.  I have the group photo and a single card photo up.  Secondly, I have been asked if I would start the Christmas challenges at the beginning of the month, so that people have a month to do the cards.  That's fine with me, so July 1st, I'll have the new challenge up.. hopefully with the cards done. :)

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  1. Hey Karen,

    I told everyone about your challenge, so hopefully everyone will head on over and join in here on your blog! Good luck and have fun. If I get the chance I will join in too, but no guarantees. :0)


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